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It’s Wednesday already. Are you thinking about the weekend? It will be here before you know it and what are you going to do?

Do you have a big date planned yet for Friday or Saturday night? Or do you work so much you have no time for a social life? There are so many other singles in the same boat as you when it comes to having enough time. What can a person do to enable them to meet others if they simply do not have the time to socialize?

If you have Friday or Saturday nights free, and no previous commitments, maybe it’s time to try speed dating. As I said there are many people that simply do not have the time to meet other singles. Speed dating offers them that chance. The events are typically put on by a social group or club as a fund raiser. There are some places that offer speed dating all the time. It is getting to be a big hit in certain areas. What a great way to meet lots of singles.

Just because you go to a speed dating event, it doesn’t mean you are desperate. It only means you have a difficult time finding time to get out and socialize. Having a set date to show up at a party type atmosphere can be arranged. Just put in on the calendar and keep your appointment. Going to bars or out to eat is no longer such an easy way to meet other singles.

How do people meet to build relationships? Sometimes simply attending a large church if you are religious can help you out. Large or small churches have lots of things going on for the young people or other age groups in their church. In some ways it can be a little like speed dating. They may even offer speed dating to singles. Going out to eat is rather difficult to meet someone. Then there are the office or work place romances. Sometimes these work and sometimes they don’t. I guess that’s how it goes with any relationship. The problem with an office relationship is if it doesn’t work out, you will still run into each other at the office. Some can handle this, but others can’t.

That’s the cool thing about going to a speed dating event that is completely set off from your normal activities. You meet a lot of people that if you don’t connect, you may never need to see them again. If you like someone, and they like you, the event holders exchange your information with each other. If only you like the person but the other person showed no interest in you, then you haven’t been embarrassed by being turned down.

It seems finding dates and building relationships is a lot harder these days than it use to be. If you are tired of being alone and want to take a chance that you may find someone to build a relationship with, then try speed dating.

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