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Here It Is, Friday Night Again

Wow! I have never seen Friday come around so fast. Once again, all my friends have plans and I have none. What can I do? I have called everyone I know. Looks like another lonely Friday night for me in front of the television and early to bed. They do say getting plenty of rest keeps one healthy.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. A person does not have to sit home alone bored waiting for that perfect someone to call them. Most of the time, those phone calls don’t come. How could they? If you don’t get out and about, then no one even knows your are alive let alone available.

Not everyone is into walking into a bar alone. Sitting at a table or at the bar alone. Or going out to eat at the local steak house alone. Who really wants to be seen out alone. I have seen older people alone at restaurants and I always feel sorry for them. They have either lost their special person in life or maybe never had one.

I don’t want to see anyone go through life alone. It’s what makes some people get hard and seem like grouches all the time.

There is a way to meet other people. Even if you don’t find a person you are interested in dating. It’s a safe place, not a bar. No pressure at all. It’s not really a brand new thing, but it is taking off a bit as people are finding dates. It’s called speed dating.

Speed dating, even if you don’t find a person to date that night, is fun. You get to meet a lot of interesting people and chat with them. If someone does catch your interest, then you let the group holding the speed dating event know. They will check their stats to see if the other person also expressed an interest in you. If they did, then a connection is made. You both get the information you need to connect by phone or whatever type of connection you set up.

While at the speed dating event, you will speak with about 10 people that you can make a choice from. If no one interests you, just don’t put any name down.

Events do have a charge to attend. How much may depend on what they provide. Usually there is some type of refreshments offered. Every event can be different.

Try one out. Go socialize and have fun. Don’t spend your Friday night alone at the bar hoping someone will notice you. Someone you hopefully can trust.

Maybe you will meet your special someone tonight at a speed dating event.

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