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Speed Dating and The Holidays

The holidays are coming quick and finding a date when you are so busy is extremely hard. We have so much preparation to take care of before the holiday is here. I know at our house, the day after Thanksgiving is the day we decorate for Christmas. I wear myself out taking all the everyday decorations down and replacing them with lighted up holiday decorations. My fireplace mantle is covered with a white snow like material with elves, Santa Claus and many other decorations of the season.

After I get all the walls, tables and any place I can put a decoration done, I start with the tree. The house is so festive once it is all up.

With all of this, who has time to look for a date for the holidays. I really don’t want to go to all the dinners and parties alone. It would be nice to have a special person to spend the holidays with me.

That is where speed dating comes in. I looked up all the available dates of the location in my area that holds speed dating events. There were many times that fit into my schedule and I registered for a couple of them. I wanted to be sure if I didn’t find a date at the first event, I could possibly have a chance at finding one at the next event.

I told some of my friends what I was doing. I was amazed at their reaction. Instead of making fun of me, they asked for the phone number of the place. Later we compared times we had registered for. Not all of us had picked the same event but there were some matches. I was hoping there wouldn’t be many. Seems I already compete with those friends for dates. I wanted to do this alone. No matter what, if I got a date, they chose me for who I am and the same with me. I chose them because they replied to questions in a way that impressed me.

The events that I registered for were both on a Friday night. I picked the next two Fridays. If I waited any longer, I could be attending parties alone or not able to find time to go to a speed dating event.

The events are fun to attend. They are almost like a party themselves. I enjoy the time visiting with the other guest. I either get to ask questions or give replies. Sometimes even the one asking the questions gets to reply to a few questions by the other person. That is only fair.

I am sure I will find someone at one of the events. I have gotten rather comfortable attending them. Not that I have had a lot of first dates, I don’t always find a person there I want to date. I simply enjoy the time and find it a nice way not to spend Friday night at home alone.

The people who attend these events are friendly and we are all there for the same reason. So if you don’t have a special someone to spend the holidays with, it’s not too late to try a speed dating event.

Happy Holidays.

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