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A Special Date Night

I had a friend tell me the other day that she had a special date this coming Friday. It was going to be a first date. She had met the guy a couple of weeks ago at a speed dating event. She said he was the most amazing guy ever.

I asked her questions about him and it was amazing how well she knew him already. She had gone to the speed dating event prepared to ask a group of available men questions. Before she went, she sat down and thought about what would be the most important things she would like to know about a guy.

One of her first questions was: Have you ever been in a serious relationship?

A lot of the guys would squirm she told me. Answering questions that dealt with emotion seems to make some guys uncomfortable.

If the guys had been in a serious relationship, she wanted to know if they could tell her where it went wrong.

That was even more difficult for some of the guys who had honestly replied to the first question, but when it came to either responding with they dumped me or I dumped them was hard. Many had been dumped. When a person is dumped in a relationship, it does not mean they are not dating material. Most of the time it means the match was just not working.

Then her next question was: Do you have any children?

They were all honest with her on that question. Some talked with pride about their children while others seem to not really want to talk about them. Some were concerned too much with the support they had to pay to help raise the child. Any who seemed unhappy with supporting a child were immediately deleted from my friends list of prospects.

My friend also liked to know if they were affiliated with a church and if so, what religion did they choose to study?

This proved to be a very good question. Many of the young men did not attend church, but some would still talk about how they had as a child. They still had a love of God. Sometimes mixing two different types of religious beliefs in a dating or married situation can be very difficult. Finding a guy who has strong beliefs and would attend church with my friend is very important to her.

Other than some of those questions that may seem rather personal to many, she asked about their hobbies, types of movies they like, foods they eat, and just what they like to do for fun.

Out of all the guys she met, I think she said there were about 10, my friend found one that really appealed to her.

The guy she picked was affiliated with the same type of church she was, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, does have a little girl that he adores and keeps her every other weekend. That is why my friend had to wait two weeks before they went out on a date. He spent last weekend with his daughter. Other than that, it seems they had similar likes and dislikes.

Is this the guy? My friends soul mate she has been searching for? She doesn’t know yet, but she does highly recommend speed dating to others. If the relationship does not work out, my friend will be back at another speed dating event in the future.

I hope it works out for her.

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