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I was just going to spend another night at home, in the dark, watching movies that I have already seen before. My Westie likes it if I stay home, but I need to get out and have fun sometimes. I feel I may be growing old and will be alone my entire life.

It’s hard to go out and meet people. I don’t really have anyone I am very close to that isn’t already dating or married to someone. It would be nice to have a friend to go out and party around town with, but for me, that’s not going to happen.

I have been reading articles a bit about a form of dating or finding a date called speed dating. There are a few happening right here in my area and one at a local church. Speed dating is where a group of singles meet and have short 8 minute conversations with each other. They move about the room as the timer goes off and by the time it’s over, every female and every male have met one another. It sounds like fun. I think the one at the church also sounds the safest.

I decided to register for the one at the church. They actually have one every weekend. Maybe they find it’s best to offer something like that for singles rather than having them out at bars trying to find a good date. I had to fill out a profile for the event, it wasn’t given to all the participants. At a speed dating event, all your information is kept private.

Well, the night arrived. I didn’t over dress, but did get a bit fixed up. I wore my long sweater, skinny jeans and my suede boots. I like tucking my jeans into my boots. With my hair pulled back loose in a pony tail, I was off to the event.

When I arrived, I sort of felt out of place. It seemed some of the participants already knew each other. They must have been at prior events. After a short bit, I found them all to be very friendly and I fit right in. The event started and we all took our seats.

One by one very nice men sat across from me and replied to all my questions. They were all very nice looking and seemed very interested in me. I knew I couldn’t date them all. I was actually wondering how to narrow them all down to only one. Then it happened. The last guy across from me was amazing. He liked everything I liked. He has an adorable laugh that just set me off laughing every time he did. We really hit it off. Then his time was over and he had to move on. I hated seeing him go.

Now it was time to fill in our score cards. We were to pick who we would like to go out on another date with. It didn’t have to be only one. If you picked one, and that person didn’t pick you, then you wouldn’t get a date from the event. I didn’t care. I only picked the last guy.

Well, it didn’t all turn out perfect. Apparently he didn’t put my name down. I went home feeling sorry for myself. I should have put some of the other guys names down too, but that last guy took my heart.

I decided to go to the next event scheduled the next weekend. This time I was for sure going to get a date. I sat at my table going through the number of participants as before. Then I saw him. He was here again. He was sitting down across from me. I tried not to appear too anxious. We chatted and our time was up.

I wanted to date him so bad, that again I put down only his name on my score card. This time, things worked out better. He put mine down too. We got together right after the event and went to a little coffee shop down the street where we could talk. Ends up he figured I would have so many matching offers that first night, that he didn’t put my name down. When he saw me back again the next weekend, he was shocked. He told me there was no way he wasn’t going to try the second time around.

Things are going nice. My Westie, Rosco, adores him. I think he really likes everyone but Ron doesn’t know that. I guess I won’t be going to any more speed dating events for awhile. I am happy.

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