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A Speed Dating Party

Right now a speed dating party sounds pretty good. The season is starting to change, fall is coming upon us. Today it feels so much like fall. My swimming pool is cold and I have no desire to get into it. I will be needing something more to do soon. Finding someone to spend some time with would be wonderful. That is why a speed dating party sounds so good.

My friends I work with were chatting together the other day about a speed dating party. It wasn’t going to be a typical speed dating event where you go and either sit at a table or rotate around the room stopping to chat with singles sitting at the tables. This would be really different.

I am not sure if there has ever been a speed dating party before. If I had ever attended one, I would know exactly what happens at a speed dating event instead of only repeating what I have heard. Typically either guys ask girls questions or girls ask guys questions. I am not sure if there are alternate relationships set up for speed dating events or not.

During the speed dating event, you either answer questions or ask them. I hear even if you are suppose to be answering them that it is good to have a few questions of your own. I am sure we all have things that are important to us that would make a difference if we decide to date a person or not.

One thing I like to know is if the other person has ever been married and if they have any children. It does make a difference in a relationship. If there is an X spouse or if the other person has children, it becomes a part of your dating life. If you aren’t fond of children, it’s best to stay clear of starting a relationship with someone who has children. X spouses can also cause problems as they may still have feelings for the person and you become a middle person.

My co-workers were talking about the event being more of a party than just a place to come for awhile, ask some questions to the other singles, maybe choose one and then go home. The event coordinators decided to make it a dance night too.

After asking each other questions, we would all have a bit of a party time where maybe we could chat with each other again outside of the 8 minutes we already had. Seeing one another in a party type atmosphere may be all we need to make a final decision on if we pick someone to start a relationship with.

As with all speed dating events, if we find someone we are interested in, we put their name or number on a card and turn it in to the event coordinators. The coordinators will then look for matches where two people were both interested in one another. If there are interested members who both would like a chance to date each other and see if the relationship works or not, the coordinator exchanges names with the interested participants.

My coordinators actually plan on doing the information exchange before the dance is over. That way the couple has an instant chance to chat with one another again that night. If they have more than one interest for the person, that could be a bit complicated. The coordinators were planning on having the participants mark the cards first choice, 2nd choice and so forth.

It does sound like fun and I do plan on going. This is just the way to make the fall season more interesting. I love hiking trails and finding someone else that maybe likes to hike too would be perfect.

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