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It’s Friday, or as many call it, date night. What are your big plans for tonight. Have you set up a date with that special girl or guy? It is the first day of summer here in the United States. A good time to start thinking about future picnics on the beach or going to the park. I love walking my dog at the park. So many have nice walking trails that are safe to use, not back in the woods where you have to beware of being victimized.

Taking walks with your dog can be a great way to meet someone if you don’t already have a special someone in your life. If you do, then taking walks together gives you time that you can talk about a lot of things. Where the television isn’t blaring and taking away the attention you are searching for.

Another way of meeting someone, and maybe the special someone that will be in your life forever, is by trying out speed dating.

I think many people have the wrong idea of what speed dating is. It’s not a bunch of losers getting together trying to find a date. It’s not just nerds, or people you wouldn’t take a second look at in another situation. It’s real to life people. All types of people attend speed dating events. It’s also a great fund raiser for the group showcasing the event.

People participating in a speed dating event do pay a fee for the chance to meet their dream date. It’s set up as a social gathering. In some ways, it’s no different then when you pay a fee to get into that popular bar/dance place and look around to see who is there. Hoping maybe someone interesting.

At a speed dating event, you will only find singles there to talk to and possibly date. Not like a bar where you are looking for a ring, or indication of a ring that’s been removed.

Speed dating for only for singles. Not people going out on their spouses. The person sitting across the table from you asking you questions or you are asking them, is single. In a bar, you can talk to someone for hours only to find out later, that they are married and have children. Hopefully you find out before you get too involved with them.

It’s a safe, friendly place to meet someone or just have a good time. No worries about rejection either. You don’t even let the other person know how interested you may be. Have fun, enjoy chatting with all the singles there, then at the end, you fill out your card. On your card, you state if there were any participants you took a liking to and would like to meet again. Go out for coffee maybe. Then turn in your card and the event holders check over all the cards. They compare them to see which ones have choices on them that match another participants choice. When they find a match, they exchange personal information, like phone number and name with the interested individuals. Then it’s up to the individual participants to contact one another.

You may or may not hit if off over coffee, but you will never know if you don’t give it a try.

So how about trying out a speed dating event soon. It’s time to find that special person in your life.

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