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It’s Almost Spring!

Spring is almost here. Many have been dieting to fit into the polka dotted bikini that we use to be able to wear. Eating yogurt, exercising, drinking plenty of water. The scale seems to be working with us and hopefully soon it will be fun fun fun. Spring is all about getting back out into the out of doors, going hiking, fishing, picnics, just having a great time.

To do all of this, we need friends. It would be sort of sad to do all of that alone. I don’t think it would be called fun fun fun. It would be boring……

In reality, it requires more then friends too. It would be nice to meet that someone special that would enjoy doing all that fun stuff with us.

How can we meet that special someone?

I am guessing you have tried going to those dance bars where all the teenagers hang out. Well, they are like bars but no alcohol is served. Then there are the same type of bars for the next generation that is permitted to drink. You go stag with a group and possibly meet someone. You chat and hang out with each other for the evening, maybe even leave together, but later you find you aren’t really that compatible. It was great for a one night thing, but you really don’t have enough in common to go out with them again.

To some that would seem like a waste of time. To others, it’s was a fun night out better than sitting at home alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know something more about the person before going out with them? To know a bit of what they like and don’t like. Just to chat and get a feeling for the person without feeling you have to go out on a date with them? That is how speed dating can help you out.

Speed dating you get to meet people of the age group you would like to date. You meet quite a few people on the same night. You could end up liking more than one or not any of them. Participants spend an allotted amount of time with other potential dates. Usually 7 to 8 minutes. You sit across from each other most likely at a table and one of you gets to ask the other one questions. When the event is set up, it is designated that either all the girls or all the young men will ask questions.

Whoever is asking usually has a list of questions they ask each person that sits across from them. They pick questions about things that are important to them. Sometimes it may be important to a person if the other person is affiliated with a church. If so, what denomination. Or if they like outdoor activities. It would be no fun to get set up with someone who hated fishing and hiking if you love it.

After the questions time is over, you have sat across from everyone in attendance either asking or replying to questions, it’s time to make a decision. If you met anyone who interested you enough to want to date them, you put their name on your card and hand it in to the event handlers. Then they review the cards. Any that match, both parties being interested in each other, they let the parties know and exchange information with them. If only one is interested and the other wasn’t, no information is exchanged.

At speed dating, you have a chance to meet someone who has the same interest as you have, likes the same type of movies, food or entertainment.
Why not try it today. Sure can’t hurt just trying it out. You might just find your future partner. All you have to do is give it a try.

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