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Speed dating is a growing thing. As people are learning more about it, they are finding it quite appealing. No more need to go to the bar with a group of friends hoping to find a date. Hanging out in parks or asking questions at the super market to get someones attention isn’t necessary. Now singles can attend speed dating events and possibly meet someone they end up going out on dates with.

It’s a lot safer to attend a speed dating event and the chances of finding a date are pretty good. When you go to a bar, you have to guess if that person you are talking to is truly single or just out on their spouse. It does happen, in fact it happens a lot. Speed dating is for singles only. I guess someone could lie and say they were single, but why would they do that? To attend a speed dating event, you have to register, pay a fee and meet about 15 or so potential dates. I really cannot see a married person wanting to go through all of that. There would also be a very good chance the spouse could find out.

There are speed dating events geared to different ages. You don’t have to worry that all the singles at your event will be in their twenties, unless that is what you asked for. Many would like that.

At your speed dating event, you will either ask questions or get asked them. Be prepared if you were told you would be the one asking. Even if you are the one replying, it would be good to prepare a few questions you may want to ask them too. After all, it’s not just the person asking looking for a date.

A lot of people are scared off by blind dates, matchmakers, and most likely speed dating. Speed dating is better than blind dates or match maker dates. You still get to pick and choose who you want to go out on a date with and possibly not pick anyone.

People who attend a speed dating events are not losers. So don’t think you are a loser just because you give one a try. You may find quite a variety of people at the event. There are so many people today that have a difficult time meeting eligible singles. There work schedules limit the time they have to get out and get to know other singles.

Speed dating events are happening everywhere. Look in your local paper, check with your library or look online to find one near you. If you talk to a friend about speed dating, you may find they know of one happening in your area. Places like churches or other organizations are holding them to help them earn money for their establishment or group.

Don’t be scared off by only chatting with someone for 8 minutes. If you are prepared, you can learn quite a bit about the other person in 8 minutes.

There have been a lot of good relationships built from people who met speed dating. There are even stories of people getting married after meeting and dating for awhile.

Take a chance and check out a speed dating event in your area.

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