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Meeting Someone Through Speed Dating

Is it really possible to meet someone you want to go out with at a speed dating event? It is possible that you won’t meet someone at every event you attend, but sooner or later there should be someone of interest to you. Don’t stop after only one event thinking this isn’t working. It does work for many.

Sometimes events are not very well set up. It’s good to know the history of the group putting on the event. If they have had other speed dating events and how they went. Some of the ones that only hold one a year just to raise some funds for some special group may not really understand what it takes to set up a proper setting for speed dating.

Some may just try to cram as many people into a small space as possible. That would be very disturbing. As you are there sitting across from a potential date asking them questions or replying to questions, you feel squeezed in by the people on both sides of you. Hearing their responses and not feeling very in touch with the person you are chatting with at the time.

If you know someone who has already attended a speed dating even at that location that can enlighten you a bit about it before you go, that would be great.

People who are new to the area, not really sure just where to find romance, will find speed dating to be a good possible way to meet someone. Sitting in a room full of others that could possibly live in the same area as you live. It can provide you with a lot of information about the area along with a potential date.

Being able to attend an event where you don’t really know anyone can be difficult for many. Knowing it’s a safe controlled environment where you can safely meet a potential date can help you relax. It’s so much nicer than just going out bar hopping and hoping to meet someone. While you are speed dating, you will meet quite a few people, and hopefully the right one.

While you are speed dating. Check out the character of the person sitting opposite you. Do they seem to have similar likes and goals in life that you do? Are they someone you may like to get to know better? If you think you would like to get to know more about them and go on another longer date, why not give it a try? Let the event people know after the event is over that you have found someone of interest. They will do all the information exchanging and if the other person is interested too, then you will be given the chance to contact them.

It’s all pretty simple and until you show an interest, it’s all very private. 3, 7, or 8 minutes isn’t a lot of time to get to know someone, but I’ve always figured out pretty fast if there is any way I would want to get to know a person better in that amount of time.

There are successful stories from speed dating. Maybe you will be one of them.

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