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Online Speed Dating

I was amazed to find there are even sites that offer online speed dating. I am not looking for a special person right now as I have one. I just thought I would check it out. The first thing they ask is if you are a male or female and what you are looking for. … Continue reading

Speed Dating Can Help You Find that Perfect Date

It’s hard to find singles in your own area sometimes that you find interesting enough to date. Sometimes it’s because you already know them so well that you don’t think of them as a date but as a friend. Looking around the area you live for a potential dating partner can really be difficult. That’s … Continue reading

Is There Online Speed Dating?

There are online speed dating sites. You go to the site and fill in a questionnaire on if you are a male or female. What you are searching for. Your country and your zip code. That will enable them to hopefully find some matches that are close to you. You can be chatting within a … Continue reading