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Online Speed Dating

I was amazed to find there are even sites that offer online speed dating. I am not looking for a special person right now as I have one. I just thought I would check it out. The first thing they ask is if you are a male or female and what you are looking for. It’s nice that no matter what your choice is, they offer it. They then ask what your country is and your zip code. Once you fill in those questions, you are taken to a page where they want to know your first name, how old you are and an email address so they know where to contact you. Last of all, they want you to assign a password. That way I am guessing you only register once. The page behind these questions is full of beautiful young ladies. It reads that the dates are real and it’s real time that it is happening. I didn’t fill in the last information since I don’t want to lead them on falsely. But the site seems to be good and they must try and match you up with local people.

Once you set up your account, giving them all the information they need to match you with what you are looking for, you will be chatting live with prospective dates in minutes. Just as with the events you attend, you will chat with so many different people and then choose as many as you would like for a real date in the real world. If who you were chatting with has also expressed an interest, they let each of you know.

If you are shy about going in person to an event happening in your area, this is a way you could go online and maybe meet someone special. You could have fun if nothing else. After you have chatted with all the different prospects, you are nervous about meeting any of them off line, then just don’t put down that you were interested in anyone.

Another solution to the anxiety of meeting someone online and then in person, is to set up a group date. Get together with some friends of each of yours at a preselected location where you can get to know each other. It could take some of the tension off and make the whole date a bit more relaxed.

To participate in an online dating chat, you may be required to have a webcam so that each of you can see each other while chatting. It may be free or there could be a cost for the site.

A lot of people have made good matches with people they have met online. It can be quite a nervous experience but so is face to face dating off line. The time you chat is still short and not really enough time to get to know each other. It is only enough to gain an interest in the other person. It can be a very rewarding experience since it could end up with you meeting someone you really like a lot. It could be a life changing event. Why not give it a try.

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