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Are you looking forward to a busy weekend full of fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you sitting alone calling up friends trying to find something to do. The phones answering machines seem to be the only thing answering your calls, or they pick up with their cell phones only to tell you they are busy.

Sitting home alone on the weekend is no fun. I am sure you would rather have a date to look forward to, a reason to go shopping for a new outfit, to feel good about your time off work.

Have you tried speed dating? If you are not in a relationship and would like to be, or just looking for someone to go out with occasionally to have a good time. Maybe attending a speed dating event is just what  you need. Not everyone who attends speed dating events is positively looking for that special person to spend their live with. There are some just wanting to find a person to spend some time with. Even a relationship like that can evolve into more with time.

Speed dating is a way to find someone that is seriously wanting to date, To go out and have fun and enjoy themselves.

Going to a speed dating event can be fun in itself. You get to meet a group of people that you have possibly not met before. To find a speed dating event in your area, you can look online, check out the personals in the classifieds, check out local activities or possibly just talk to others. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find things out.

Once you find a speed dating event in your area, call to find out more information and to get registered. Find out who will be asking the questions and who will travel around the room. You need to be prepared if you are the one to be asking the questions.

If you are the person traveling around the room, chatting with all the people sitting at the different stations, it’s hard to prepare. For that the only thing you can do is present yourself the best you can. Don’t over do it. You don’t want to appear to be high maintenance. You also don’t want to appear dumpy. Don’t show up in an old sweatshirt and blue jeans unless that is the only thing you ever wear. It’s best to not start off with a false pretense.

If you are the one asking questions as a different person sits across from you every 8 or so minutes, then you need to have a prepared set of questions. These questions need to be things that are important to you in someone you date. If you love to fish and the out of doors, but most the people you talk to hate it, then you won’t want to pick them even if they are cute as a button unless you are willing to give up your activities.

If dating a person requires you to change, most of the time it won’t work. You may date a short time and then be looking for someone else. For many that is ok. They aren’t looking for the long term relationship. Just looking to have some fun. If you are looking for that long term relationship, you need to be honest with them and yourself.

Speed dating events are set up so that no one gets embarrassed if the other person didn’t pick them. You let the event personnel know who you are interested in and they find out from the others who they were interested in. If there are any matches, they exchange information with both parties to allow them to contact each other. You never know if someone may have been interested in you but you weren’t in them. So there are no embarrassing moments.

Instead of sitting home all weekend. Go out and have some fun. Find a local speed dating event. Or go out to speed dating event in another area so you can meet someone from another part of town. No matter where you decide to go, you should have an enjoyable experience and possibly find a date for the weekend. If not, at least you didn’t sit home watching re-runs of old movies wishing you had done something else.

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